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6000/1000 Dual Grit Whetstone - Comes with Bamboo base, Rubber Base, Angle Guide, Flattening stone

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🔪1000/6000 grit whetstone - 1000 grit sets the edge: 6000 grit polishes the edge.

🔪Nonslip silicone base - Hold the stone securely in place for easy sharpening.

🔪Anti-skid bamboo base - Raise the stone to a nice height and holds it steady.

🔪Flattening stone - Levels the whetstone to maintain a level surface of the whetstone after use.

🔪Angle Guide - Helps you set the proper angle for sharpening side to side.

🔪Instructions - Explains all the steps with pictures of the sharpening process.

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